August 02, 2013

Leng is still in my mind

Even though the last post on Leng was last year, it doesn't mean I've given up on the idea at all. Quite the contrary, I even started implementing a parser using ANTLR3 and some mockup source files. The plan is to get to a stable syntax for a basic language as first iteration, implementing the front end of the compiler on ANTLR3* and the back end using LLVM. Anyway, I was incredibly busy at work, finishing a project last summer and jumping through another couple since then, so I've had very little chance and energy to make some actual work on this beyond thinking and reading about other programming languages. And with the advent of big life changes including a new job, it looks like that'll continue to be the trend in the near future.

*I don't think I'll move to ANTLR4 until they release a C++ runtime.

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